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Hornady® Gun Safe Dehumidifier Rod (12")

SKU: 95903
Maintenance-free solution for humidity control in gun safes, cabinets and small enclosures. Mount vertically or horizontally with snap-on mounting brackets. Innovative plug may be removed to help install the cord through small holes or openings.

Hornady® Magnetic Safe Hooks (2 Pk)

SKU: 95911
Position these hooks on the corner of any gun safe or metal surface to securely store gear such as gun cases, binoculars and range bags. Hooks are rated for 35 pounds and are secured with heavy-duty magnets. This little two-pronged hook does big work, holding gun cases, binoculars, range bags and other accessories.

Hornady® Magnum Hanging Basket (8.5" X 14")

SKU: 96012
This basket slides neatly onto a ½-inch to 1-inch shelf in your safe, closet or cabinet, creating additional space for legal-sized documents and supports up to 40 pounds.

Hornady® RAPiD® Safe Adjustable Wristband

SKU: 98166
Every Hornady Security RAPiD Safe can be programmed to read up to five different RFID tags. Various tags and accessories are available.